Tiger (New Species, #7) - Laurann Dohner This series has a very interesting background, the science-fiction aspect of gene splicing animals into humans to create a breed of super strong fighters.The problem that I run into this series is that the females all end up as victimized "helpless" and brainless females that must be saved by their manly New Species Males. This book is no exception.I have to admit that Tiger is one sexy Mo-Fo, and his insecurities are actually refreshing. I wish that we could have had more character development because I feel that we could have really gone somewhere with it.If you liked the rest of the series, then yes, you will like this one. The end of the book was actually pretty intense and the fire-scene was just amazingly vivid and frightening.I suppose that this is really a 2.5, but still rounding down. Maybe after I read this again I will adjust it up.