Acheron - Sherrilyn Kenyon Acheron is my favorite character of this series and I long awaited this book. Quite frankly, after I read this book I lost interest in the series.The first portion of this is Ash's backstory and it is harsh, violent, and depressing. I spent many times crying the only time I read that part. I will be honest, but on re-reads I always start in part two.I think that Acheron is one of the most interesting male alpha characters in the paranormal romance world. But in this book I can not help but be disappointed in how this story is told. I suppose that because we spent so much time getting to know him, that I would be disappointed no matter what in how his romance evolves.This series is always a study on how one can think you have power, but there is always someone else out there who has more. I certainly hate Artemis. And Nick is a whining bitch.Worth the read though.