Sophia - D.B. Reynolds I enjoyed the book as I have enjoyed all of the rest, but to be honest this is my least favorite. Reason? I think because the female was the Vampire. Sexist of me, maybe, but it was hard for me to go "oh he's so alpha" when even the Vampire Chicks could kick his ass.I am pretty sure that that was why most of his stuff was when there were no Vampires around and he could be all bass-ass among humans.The scenes with Raphael and Cyn I am sure were there to give us the fix we needed of that bass-ass alpha Vampire and it was great to see their relationship develop.But this was more of a story of how a Vampire Lord dies and a new one is created, which was really a very interesting story to tell.So overall, excellent writing as always and I enjoyed the book. If you liked the rest of the series, then you will like this one. Just not my favorite.