His Perfect Submissive - Alyssa Aaron This book was a bit of a disappointment. The concept was interesting and I was interested to see how this author handled a D/s relationship. While there were similarities with other books on the topic, how quickly problems were solved made me feel incredulous.Ms. Aaron handled the topic of sexual child abuse sensitively enough, but I just didn't think that this woman would have fallen in love so quickly. The pages and pages of inner dialog was at first interesting, but mostly just ended up being repetitive and annoying.But, here are the two reasons that I gave this a 2 star instead of 3:1. The porn version of spelling "come" for orgasm. Really? Come on now. I think we can all feel the moment just as well if we spelled it as "come" or even orgasm.2. Was there even a proof reader for this? I did get the Kindle version, so perhaps there was technical reason, but continuously there were missing " " when dialogue happened. I started reading the book to proof-read it rather than enjoying the book. Not a good sign.Both of these things could easily have been fixed and caused me to be disappointed in the book. That being said, I have read it a few times, although I usually have difficulty finishing the book because I loose interest.