Dark Citadel - Cherise Sinclair This series challenges me on many levels. I believe the reason that it does is because it seems to get the point of BDSM. So many BDSM focused books go for the "titillation" factor rather than the deep psychological impact and depth of the relationships. Ms. Sinclair just "gets it". Her stories are compelling and emotionally charged.From the beginning I could identify with Kari, the proper Catholic raised "good girl" who is both repelled by the control of Master Dan and BDSM and yet finds it somehow completing her in ways that the vanilla world didn't.The story was intense, and I enjoyed the character development of both Master Dan and Kari. How Kari heals Master Dan is so touching and makes me understand that there is a perfect person for everyone.This series varies by play, so it's not just the same story over and over. For example, some might focus on spanking, binding, public nudity, or humiliation. They also vary, for example in type of submission by each book; Kari is a sexual submissive rather than a 24/7 slave.What I find fascinating within this series is how deeply these two love each other and how caring Master Dan is to Kari. Ms. Sinclair shows us that being a Dom does not just mean yelling and being mean to a submissive. A submissive gets what she/he "needs" but not always what they "want".The sex scenes are HOT! Yet, it's not just rampant sex scenes for no reason, but honest, emotionally charged expression of passion. Keep in mind that this is erotica, so if you can not handle explicit sex then this book is not for you.If I had any complaints (of the entire series) is that it is so focused around the club. For example, I would have loved to have read more of Master Dan and Kari outside of the "scene". I agree with the other reviewer who said they loved the scene in Kari's house while Master Dan ate a cookie. Also, reviewer Brainycat mentioned how quickly Dan makes peace with his past by the end of the book and how it seemed to happen too fast. I can agree with that statement and I wished that the resolution could have been longer and a little more in depth.Overall, this was a great book and if you liked the first one you should love this one. Keep in mind that some installments of this series are more intense than others and I found this one fairly tame compared to the others.Ms. Sinclair has other books as well if you are looking for longer stories that might not be so focused on the "club", but still have those Dominant men we like!