Wizard's First Rule - Terry Goodkind I have read this book (series) countless times. In it I find wisdom and philosophies that I can apply to everyday life. I think we can all agree with Wizard's First Rule.I know that some argue the series is derivative of other's work, but I would argue that most stories have kernels of other's truth. Look at Shakespeare or George Bernard Shaw, did they not base their works on other's ancient writing?I believe that Goodkind created in Richard a person whom we all could both identify and strive to emulate. His descriptive writing pulls us into his world and I would even argue changing our perception of our own. It is not a perfect series. The Pillar book is practically useless except for the last bit. But as a whole I consider the Sword of Truth series a classic. The only thing that annoys me is Kahlan, her often defeatist and whiney attitude can be annoying.Overall it is a great series. Enjoy.