The Reluctant Dom - Tymber Dalton,  Lesli Richardson The first time I read this book I did so based on the reviews of others, never having read any books with a BDSM topic. But I gave this new author a chance and boy am I glad!I am usually not much of a cryer when I read a book, but this one was so well written and so descriptive that I couldn't read through the tears. Tymber draws a reader into the story, making us understand how someone who never had any experience in a Dom/sub relationship learns how to become a Master. The reasons why he does this is honorable and extremely touching. It is one book that I have recommended for someone who was curious about BDSM. This book is about the emotional needs of those involved, not just an excuse of an author for some hot sex scenes. Just read it. Read it and understand that it is all about love. You will not be disappointed.