Unshakeable Faith - Lisa Worrall Everybody loves a good amnesia story. "hi, I am a bum...... Oh wait, no a millionaire."I can take one amnesia story, but not three. Nash is like some sort of defective clapper light switch. Nash #1? [Gibb slap his head]. "Ok, I have forgotten who I am. Now I am Nash #2" [Gibb slap again]. "Oh, wait! Now I am back to Nash #1 and remember nothing of Nash #2." [Gibb slap yet again]. "oh, wait! NOW I am Nash #3 and remember everything!"I am pretty sure amnesia and head trauma does not work that way, otherwise med school would be handing out baseball bats like Homey the Clown.Overall, not a bad book and I did enjoy it. It was just not a really realistic love story.