A Boy and His Dragon (Being - R. Cooper Where the heck has this author been for me? I remember seeing the cover for [b:Play It Again, Charlie|13554459|Play It Again, Charlie|R. Cooper|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1332277429s/13554459.jpg|19124326] and thought it looked odd and passed, never reading the sample or anything. I saw someone reading A Boy and His Dragon on Goodreads and the cover got my interest. I give this book a five star, although I know that I should give it a four compared to other books that I have rated. However, I thoroughly enjoyed this and have read it again since I first read this on the 20th.We are Arthur, so we are limited on what his perspective. This is good and this is bad. The good is that the plot unfolds slowly, and I enjoyed how slowly the romance blossoms, they are friends before lovers. Someone else complained about the slow speed of the romance, and I shake my head at them. Not every book has to be erotica with sex and instant love at chapter one! Sometimes you want to be romanced, not just thrown onto the bed and @#$%ed.The bad side of this one sided perspective? I have no idea on some of the mystical aspects of their relationship and Bertie. I can not go into detail, or I will spill the beans, but I have a few questions:1. Is there some mystical aspect of Arthur that I was supposed to catch? The characters kept talking about him in a way I thought I was supposed to get something.2. Could Bertie really read Arthur's mind/smell his feelings/thoughts?But I loved the book, I loved the pacing and the main characters. This is book two of a "series", but you can completely read the second book without reading the first. I read them in reverse order.