Gemini - Chris Owen I gave this a two for different reasons than you would think. The caveat up front: This book is about a threesome Gent and twins, Paul and Jamie. Gent runs into Paul, finds him attractive and then Paul brings him back to his brother for his approval. The fun ensues.And that's it. No more plot. No more character development. THAT is why I give this a two star. I will admit that I really can't get into "twincest". My mind just goes to all of the psychological trauma that must be present in that type of relationship.I am torn between wanting the character development and background of why twins would be attracted to each other and the other part of me that knows this would mean a very deep and depressing book.So, I guess that's why this book was so light, but light does not mean no plot and badly described sex scenes that would not end.I might try other novels in this sub genre to see if this is typical.