Body Magic - Poppy Dennison I struggle on how to rate this book. For overall enjoyment of the story, it is a 4 star, yet I can not give it that score. The back cover makes you think that it is about Cade and Rocky, but it is really more focused on Simmon and Gray. And the fact that I feel like I was sold something I did not get makes me want to rate it a 2 star. Honestly, I feel a bit peeved. We really don't see Cade and Rocky's romance start until 51% and then it is just one sex scene and one fight. By the end you don't even feel like it's a HEA.So, obviously we will get a book three and I really think that it will be about Cormac and Liam. Well, as much as we are allowed to have other romances than the main one.But, despite my grumblings, I enjoyed the book, so I will give it a 3 star. Really it felt more like a suspense book trying to be a romance; kinda like when I was a little girl and played dress up with my grandmother's high heels and lipstick. This book might have pretended to have a complete romance story, but in the end, the shoes just did not fit.