Dirty Secret - Rhys Ford **** Note that this author did give me a copy of the book for review. But as always it does not change how I rate a book. :) ******This book picks up immediately after the end of Dirty Kiss. The protagonists are Cole Kenjiro McGinnis (former cop and currently a Private Investigator) and Kim Jae-Min (cousin to the suicide victim he investigates in book 1). Now a couple in the second book, their relationship remains closeted to Jae’s family and acquaintances. Cole takes an investigation job from Scarlett (singer friend) to find an old acquaintance. In the process, friends and family are endangered. Can Cole discover the long-buried secret before he looses everything?I read a lot of books, easily 7 books a week. So with the high volume, I read a lot of “meh” books, within these books I find no inspiration or thought-provoking discussion. But then there are times like these, when I laugh out loud with humor and highlight a quote because it moves me. When these moments hit me, it is like gold. Ford made me consider my life and how lucky I am. In my life I can walk down the street holding my husband’s hand. I can tell my mother how much I love my husband. Some people can’t. So, to me, this book is more than just a sexy romance book. This book is about politics, religion, love, and culture and the costs associated.In simplest terms, this book is a sexy male/male suspense romance novel. But if the reader is willing to listen, it also tells the story of what happens when you love honestly and in the light. We make sacrifices every day. What will you sacrifice to be with your soul mate? This was a brilliantly written novel and I look forward to reading much more by Rhys Ford as we watch her writing grow and mature.What a great book!