Bound and Determined - Jane Davitt, Alexa Snow I really enjoyed this book!When reading BDSM books, I am often disappointed. Some books almost feel cartoonish, as if the author really doesn't understand the spirit of the culture. You know the books, it's "oh spank me, spank me!" in the sex and there is no mention of the psychology behind it. When I read those books I don't feel any tension, I am not squirming with the intensity and confusion.One author to seems to get it right in the f/f work is Cherise Sinclair. I can now add Jane Davitt to that list for m/m.I loved the care and protection that Owen gives Sterling, but at the same time there are actual rules that Serling must follow.If the BDSM world is something you are curious about, then this is a good book to try. There is no humiliation (definite hard limit for me), and I didn't feel any of the play sessions were too extreme.