Chaos Magic - Jay Lygon Torn between 3.5 and 4 stars.Sam is the character we are supposed to relate, and for the most part I did. He has self confidence issues and he has been abused by his former Master, Marcus. Hector is our love interest and he is that Alpha controlling Dominant we would expect.This is an interesting world where "Gods" are normal, living normal length lives, other than the fact that they have some magical powers. These gods are modern, not just what we would think of Zeus or Apollo. For example, if a lot of people are in traffic and then say, "oh god, hurry up and turn the light!", then they are praying to the god of 'traffic." It is an interesting and humor concept, which I found to be well written.Most of the BDSM aspect seemed accurate and not too intense. However, there was an aspect of Hector that was kinda assholian and I found it hard to forgive if I had to live with it every day. Hector constantly accuses Sam of cheating with what I consider borderline abusive behavior. I do not think that we could even say, "Oh, well that is the Master/slave relationship." This is a Master/slave type relationship, so if the heavier type BDSM is too much for you, you might want to pass. There were many times where I felt uncomfortable, but not enough to put the book down.I would not call this a deep book, but it was entertaining.