You Don't See Straight - Annber This is an amazing book. It is certainly my favorite fan fic book and my favorite Teen Wolf fan fic specifically. Since I found this book (about 2 weeks ago), I have read it 3 times and I am now reading it for #4.Is it perfect? Of course not, but it satisfies all of my needs:1. Hot sex that might have crossed some sort of "line".2. A character with a strong caring heart but has panic attacks.3. Sexy shifter marking/scenting4. Moody, silent hero5. Sassy, funny, smart hero6. Caring family who accepts son's sexuality7. Actual plot and suspense8. A book length that gives us enough time for both character and relationship development9. Oh, and hot sex.... Because well, that's REALLY important to me.If you like the Sterek, read this book!