Lover Redeemed - VaneCaos First two things out of the way: 1). This was a translation and 2). This is fan-fictionThat being said, I loved this book! I found the link to the original webpage by VaneCaos and then the translation by chapter by Vhis into English within the BDB Group thread. But reading it as Word documents drove me crazy so that I pulled them into Scrivener and created a book and then exported it out as an epub. I actually had a really good time doing it.What really bothered me about the inspiration series (JR Ward's Black Dagger Brotherhood) is that I really wanted V and Butch to fall in love. In fact, it almost felt like Ward was writing that way. When Butch's book came out I was so disappointed and hated Marissa. That's why Lover Redeemed is so great, it made a believable version of the story where V and Butch make it. Their relationship is believable within the context of the original story. The writing is pretty damn good, especially considering that it is a translation. Although I admit I did do some editing because I figure the translator's original language is not English either.The sex scenes are hot as hell in this book, and I can really see how the BDSM aspect really works for both men. I do think that for best enjoyment, you should have read all of the JR Ward BDB series.